Below will update TOP 10 construction companies in Vietnam

1. DINCO Engineering and Construction Corporation (DINCO E&C)

The first of the TOP 10 construction companies in Vietnam is DINCO E&C.

DINCO E&C is the TOP choice for international clients with industrial plants, high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts, traffic, and infrastructure construction projects. 

Currently, more than 90% of Dinco E&C's Clients come from leading industrialized countries such as the US, Germany, Belgium, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, etc. Therefore, it is believed that they can understand the culture and have the ability to interact well with Clients.

top 10 construction companies in vietnam

Sunshine Aerospace Aviation Components Manufacturing Plant Project

Top 10 construction companies in vietnam

Top 10 construction companies in Vietnam

With “Best Before Largest”, DINCO E&C is confident to meet the strictest standards from the investors.

You can see introduction video of Dinco E&C:

2. Coteccons

Coteccons is one of the leading construction companies in Vietnam. Same as Dinco E&C, Coteccons takes on the role of design and build contractor. 

Coteccons Group has grown in both scale and prestige in providing world-class projects such as residential, commercial, hotel, infrastructure, and industrial.

top 10 construction companies in vietnam

3. Hoa Binh Group

Hoa Binh Group is a well-known brand name in the construction industry of Vietnam. 

Some of the typical projects include Sunshine City Sai Gon, Empire City, Jamila Khang Dien, Sai Gon Residences, and more.

top 10 construction companies in vietnam

4. Unicons

Formed in 2006, Unicons is now growing fast and becoming one of the leading construction companies in Vietnam.

Some of the typical projects include  Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula, Sarina Dai Quang Minh, Vinhomes Central Park , and more.

construction companies in vietnam

5. Newtecons

Newtecons was formed in 2003, but with good strategies in the business and efforts of all personnel, it has achieved many successes. The famous projects include Vinhome Central Park 3, Big C Ha Long… That helps Newtecons join TOP 10 construction companies in Vietnam.

Besides the typical projects, Newtecons activities in the many luxury department projects, upgrading infrastructure, resorts , and more.

top 10 construction companies in vietnam

6. Ricons

Ricons was formed in 2004, but in just a short time, it has made its mark on the market, especially in the investment field. Ricons’s projects are around Vietnam including high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts , and industrial factories.

 larger construction companies in vietnam

7. DELTA Group

DELTA Group is a TOP 10 construction company in Vietnam which builds high-rise buildings and industrial factories.

With outstanding construction technology and contractor management, DELTA often accompanies the most prestigious real estate projects.

top 10 construction companies in vietnam

8. Hanoi Construction Corporation

Hanoi Construction Corporation was established in 1982 on the basis of merging Hanoi South Architecture Company and Hanoi North Architecture Company. In 2007, the Corporation operated under the parent-subsidiary model. In 2014, the Prime Minister approved the Corporation's equitization plan. The first General Meeting of Shareholders was held on July 30, 2014 to establish Hanoi Construction Corporation - JSC, marking an important milestone in the development path, opening a new page of the Corporation. 

biggest construction companies in vietnam

9. SOL E&C

SOL E&C was formed in 2015 and joined in hundreds of projects, including high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts, and more. And with experience which has been hoarded for a long time, SOL E&C orients to develop into one of the prestigious General Contractors with the guideline “Customer success is SOL E&C's success”.

largest construction companies in vietnam

10. Central Construction JSC.

The final in the list is Central Construction JSC which was formed in 2017. It is known as a promising new factor in the construction market with outstanding rapid development, which is shown through the fact that Central continuously wins large projects from investors in Vietnam. 

Continuously participating in large-scale projects across the country has affirmed Central's position, brand, and reputation in the market.

construction companies vietnam

With TOP 10 construction companies in Vietnam mentioned above, we hope the potential Clients will have the best choice for their works. 

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