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A. Human resources:

“Human” – the foundation for the development, growth and making profit of DINCO. With this criterion, DINCO has increasingly concentrated on attracting, exploiting, fostering and improving our staff for the purpose of continuing confirming that our Corporation is not only a prestige with International and Domestic Owners but an effective home of contribution, showing abilities and learning for the whole staff, also.

The investment in human resource of DINCO is performed through those objectives below:

United – Active – Professional

  • The adjectives above refer to our working environment. Every staff also has a chance to show, represent and improve their own abilities and professional skills.
  • Not only attracting confidental staff that have many experiences and advanced knowledge and professional skills, DINCO is also a good place for young, active, creative and enthusiastic employees.
  • Apart from that, DINCO staff are confident in confirming that we are a mutual united team who willing to contribute ourselves to the common development of the Corporation.


We set up suitable labour policies complied with Regulations of Vietnam Labour Law:

  • Working time: 44 hours/week
  • Holidays, days off work of all kind: comply with Regulations of Vietnam Labour Law.
  • Working conditions, equipments, facilities, conveniences and means of transport used for Work: available for all staff and workers.


DINCO ensure all insurances and necessary safety conditions for all staff and workers:

  • Social insurance, heath insurance and incident insurance are always available for all. Besides, social security as well as labour protection are on periodical.
  • Regulations on pregnancy, maternity and other kinds are performed properly.


DINCO satisfy the rights and profits for all staff and workers

  • The policy of salary: suitable for abilities and responsibilities of each labour. Allowances and subventions: details as per Human Resource Policies of the Corporation.
  • Additional policy of supporting labour, bonus and reward: often on annual cases and depends on the revenue of the Corporation.


All staff and workers have the responsibilities of obeying the general regulations and rules of the Corporation

  • Ensure that all responsibilities and works must be completed in the time had been set as well as their work must be in the best quality and efficiency.
  • All employers and labour have to wear uniform and be on time at work.
  • Keep secret all nonpublic information of the Corporation.


In all regulations of welfare:

  • Policies of supporting, visit and encouragement staff and workers in any case
  • Policies of unpaid and paid holidays and days off work
  • Allowances and subsidy of accommodation and transport for staff and workers on their business trips, etc
  • Subvention of lunch, enthusiastic, responsibilities and other kinds
  • Annual domestic and international travels for all staff and employers.
  • Annual mutual gatherings, meetings, parties, etc in many occasions.

Chart 1: Engineers & Architects

Chart 2: Management staff

Chart 3: Office staff

Chart 4: Total staff


B. Financial data:

Chart 5: Total assets

Chart 6: Revenue

Chart 7: Profit


Chart 8: Limit of loan and guarantee financed


C. Equipment resources

Thanks to the modern abundant resources of equipment, plants, DINCO is willing to satisfy all requirements of scope and progress of project of the Client