To: All employees of the Company

 The questions for “DINCO E&C’s Excel Master” will be announced within 24 hours 30 minutes 5 seconds only! You all please prepare to enter this fascinating and thrilling contest.

The questions are not too difficult as you assumed, because the Message of the contest is to mobilize all DINCO E&C employees to enhance learning and improve the Excel application skills at work.

Especially, this time is a compulsory contest. All of you who regularly use computers should join. And it is the foundation for periodic Performance Review.

Therefore, you all have the opportunity to receive this award and become the masters joining the “Excel Master Community” at DINCO E&C.

However, “Honesty and Ethics” is one of the core values ​​of DINCO E&C, so all participants must respect this value (ie. not asking others to answer the questions for you, asking for support from experts, gathering to answer the questions …).

Do not hesitate any more, join it together DINCO E&C members!

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