In the joyful atmosphere to welcome the new year and farewell to the old one, on the evening of 28th December 2019, Dinco E&C held the Year End Party 2019 for all employees.
2019 has ended – a really difficult year of market fluctuations relating to construction field, but with the Strategy which was planned in October 2018 at Laguna Resort as well as the efforts and strength of union, DINCO family has achieved certain success as the set Theme of 2019: BEST BEFORE LARGEST.
With the theme of “Effective Leadership”, the message which DINCO E&C would like to send in the party is that the effectiveness of all work is measured by the true value created.
“Effective leadership is leading, fostering the dedication and enthusiastic pursuit of a clear and convincing vision, motivating higher performance standards, thereby delivering efficiency – true value in every activity”.
The elaborately aranged musical performances with eye-catching effects by dancers, singers, actors and actresses from the departments, board, site teams are an indispensable part in the Gala nights of DINCO.
Year End Party DINCO E&C 2019 closing with tight hugs everyone gave each other is the most beautifull, most impressive image about the culture of Sharing and Thanking that each member deeply feels.
The journey to conquer challenges ahead is still long, DINCO will continuously develop with people who are eager to conquer, to together receive sweet achievements in.

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