The project of factory for manufacturing tools for the automotive and interior industries of OKE Vietnam was started from April 24, 2021. So far, it has been handed over to the Owner as scheduled.

Inside the work, the finished items include the factory flat floor concrete, brick and plaster work, tiling, steel door, 60-minute fireproof steel door, windproof shutter roller with 250km/h wind load, 10T and 20T crane system, Chiller cooling system for the Owner’s industrial production machinery, compressed air system for machinery and equipment, fire protection & fighting system, lighting, light electricity, air conditioning and ventilation system...

Outside the work, the following items has been completed: cliplock roof sheet system, and the storm-resistant corrugated iron wall can withstand wind load of 250km/h. Rainwater drainage system, open ditch, RC internal road, auxiliary items such as guard house, parking, electric house, pump house, trash house, wastewater treatment house, fire protection water tank.


The Board of Site Management with only 8 people including supervisors and ancillary departments (1 Site Manager, 4 supervisors undertaking the jobs of QS, QC, site civil supervision, MEP supervision, 1 surveyor, 1 in charge of temporary electricity, and 1 warehouse keeper) has made great efforts and suffered all the pressures of work as well as family, worked very hard; and the whole Board of Site Management had to stay at the project for 3 months, accepting to live with the covid-19 pandemic while well implementing the measures to prevent, fight against the pandemic and trying to accelerate the progress as well as solving difficulties so that the project achieves the results as it is today.

Despite facing difficulties due to the government's covid-19 prevention policies where workers and materials could not move between provinces, the weather situation in the central region in the rainy season and difficulties due to geology of the project in the area of high groundwater level, but the Board of Site Management cooperated with the company's departments to come up with strategic plans, solutions to deal with difficulties to complete the project 15 days ahead of the schedule committed with the Owner.

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